Promises – A Poem


April is poetry month, let’s end the month’s last weekend with a promise for more. Spring has always been depicted in art as the season of hope, renewal, fecundity, joy and promises. Each season only reminds us that we’re a microcosm of that what’s unfolding on a much larger scale. Promises Six o’clock sun on […]

Prismatic Memory

“I’ll clean up Papa’s medical files this afternoon.” I informed Mummy one morning a couple of weeks after he’d passed this summer. It was more of a directive to myself to get the task done. “Thanks, I don’t know if we need all the records, you see what’s best.” She responded timidly. Belying her strength […]

It’s Not Just Hair

Udaipur City Palace

“Papa, hurry up, we’ll be late!” I coaxed him along catching his eye in the mirror trying to rush him to his 80th birthday celebration. “Coming, coming.” Came an exasperated answer from my pant-less father battling his soft downy hair at the crown of his head. He had always looked impeccable, an old-world elegance that […]

Silence at the Audubon

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Audubon Society of Massachusetts.

The last few weeks have been hellacious as we read the news. To counteract that I tend to seek out solace in nature. A couple of weekends ago, I ended up at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, North of Boston. Those couple of hours just being, reassured me of our humanity, even though it may […]

Tabouli Salad

Tabouli salad mezze plate

I’m sure like for me, food is associated with memories and with the chatter of family and friends gathered around a table. I first had tabouli in 1995 when I arrived in Boston to attend grad school. Living with my sister, who’d migrated in the mid-80s had received the Moosewood Cookbook from an American friend […]

Framing the Truth

Monarch on a Marigold - Amateur Photographer Cover by D. K. Rathore

When I read a few weeks ago that the esteemed photojournalist Steve McCurry whose work has been seen in National Geographic for decades was caught enhancing his pictures with Photoshop; this seemed significant but I did not know how much outrage I should be feeling. Fundamentally it seemed wrong. Most everyone learns how to discern […]

Sunset in Spring

In early Spring 2013, I was hankering to try out my new lens before an upcoming trip. It was an upgrade from the kit lens I’d been using for almost five years. The Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 HSM lens allowed me to go wider and also at f/2.8 was great for low light experimentation. And where […]