Promises – A Poem


April is poetry month, let’s end the month’s last weekend with a promise for more. Spring has always been depicted in art as the season of hope, renewal, fecundity, joy and promises. Each season only reminds us that we’re a microcosm of that what’s unfolding on a much larger scale. Promises Six o’clock sun on […]

Pancakes – Power Packed

Every continent and ancient culture has their own version of flat cakes, pancakes or crepes. Made from cake-like batters or from silky smooth ones like liquid satin. Savory or sweet, stuffed or served with accompaniments. Consumed for breakfast, lunch or all day, sitting down or on the go.

Risotto – Pearly Comfort

Pearl barley risotto

Some folks back in India may think of risotto as a riff on the several versions of rice pulaos or kichris that are so popular and an integral part of the Indian cuisine. A hearty meal in itself, warm, comforting and complete. For me, the risotto is a dish that can be both comforting and […]

It’s Not Just Hair

Udaipur City Palace

“Papa, hurry up, we’ll be late!” I coaxed him along catching his eye in the mirror trying to rush him to his 80th birthday celebration. “Coming, coming.” Came an exasperated answer from my pant-less father battling his soft downy hair at the crown of his head. He had always looked impeccable, an old-world elegance he […]

Portrait of Courage

“Could you scan the Gandhi sketch for me so I can make a copy?” I asked my sister Shaila with a sense of nostalgia standing in front of the signed sketch dating back almost 70 years. “I’ll have to make sure the paper is not too fragile and if I can remove it from the […]

Strawberry Jam – June in a Bottle

Strawberry Jam - Fresh picking at Marini Farms, Ipswich, MA

Strawberries evoke a sense of childhood, full of innocence and hope. Of youth, expectation of the luscious, red and sweet. A promise of summer and pleasure in it’s plumpness. Growing up on a generous dose of Enid Blyton’s children’s classics my early concept of this beautiful berry was one of mystery and wonder. Much later […]

Silence at the Audubon

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Audubon Society of Massachusetts.

The last few weeks have been hellacious as we read the news. To counteract that I tend to seek out solace in nature. A couple of weekends ago, I ended up at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, North of Boston. Those couple of hours just being, reassured me of our humanity, even though it may […]

Tabouli Salad

Tabouli salad mezze plate

I’m sure like for me, food is associated with memories and with the chatter of family and friends gathered around a table. I first had tabouli in 1995 when I arrived in Boston to attend grad school. Living with my sister, who’d migrated in the mid-80s had received the Moosewood Cookbook from an American friend […]