Promises – A Poem


April is poetry month, let’s end the month’s last weekend with a promise for more.

Spring has always been depicted in art as the season of hope, renewal, fecundity, joy and promises. Each season only reminds us that we’re a microcosm of that what’s unfolding on a much larger scale.


Six o’clock sun on a spring evening
Feels like a promise stretching its legs
The day wanes
Into the edges of the night
Dare I hope for a longer tomorrow?
And more warmth from the setting sun
Will the buds burst forth?
And return to life
Still and empty
Will suddenly fill
From the release of a single sigh

Subtle colors of spring…
yellow tulip
Alone amongst many…
Tulips and daffodil
Perfect form…
geese chicks
Two chicks and a worm…
Robin eggs
Robin’s nest, hush…
yellow house
Window dressing…
Great horned owl
Great Horned Owl chick looks on…
dogwoods in spring
Urban walks…
cherry blossoms
Blossoms in full glory…
song birds
Song birds call…
Boston blooms…
spring blossoms
Spring color palette…

2 Replies to “Promises – A Poem”

  1. Meena Chauhan says: Reply

    Beautiful poem and amazing pictures !!!

  2. Love the poem and the pictures, Suman.

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